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Talk About Money in an easy way

You may be confused where you should go when the big banks are leaving the financial advice business and you are not alone.

Good news!!! We are here to help.

Meet with us today to discuss plans to secure your financial stability now and in the future. It's so easy. Have a cup of coffee with us at our Chatswood or Sydney CBD NSW locations. The first consultation is on us!

For customers from other parts of Australia, we are always available on Zoom. Contact us today to enquire about our company, services, and education events .

Why you should choose Zalus Private Wealth?

Because we provide the proven ZALUS METHODOLOGY.

The Best Way To Turn Financial anxiety Into Financial Freedom.

The ZALUS METHODOLOGY has proven to be one of the most effective financial planning strategies over the last 15 plus years.

Finding a subject expert in financial planning

You may be aware of that financial planning can be pretty complex. Financial advisers may be experts only in one area such as Investment, Superannuation, Personal Insurance and Retirement. So you are not looking for just any expert, but the "right" expert. You want the expert can provide comprehensive advice in many areas and most likely to become your adviser, a financial coach for a very long time. How do we know who the “right” experts are? The expert who is able to craft a set of criteria that match your financial needs.

Chat about your financial needs

Once you’ve got targeted expert(s), the next step is to “test drive” these experts. The critical step in this phase is to have a face to face meeting. At a minimum is to have a phone meeting. Then you can have a feel yourself.

Setting your goals

The “right’ expert will be able to find out your financial goals with you and refine them into achievable goals. You will be finding this expert understands your needs and anxiety and that the possible ways to achieve your financial goals. You will be comfortable to share your stories and the “right” expert will be listening and attentive to your needs and questions.

Laying down a plan to achieve the goals

Once you have chosen the “right” expert, this is just the beginning of the relationship. Your expert will have to formulae a financial plan to achieve your goals. The expert will note down all your financial details, known as fact finding, and then go on research on your current financial situation and the possible strategies and products that may suit you. After taking these steps, the expert will be able to put all the recommendations into the financial plan and then present to you.

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Decisions You Can Own

We hope that we are the "right" expert for you. With us, you will find financial advisers you can trust like family. Zalus Private Wealth works closely with you, the centre of our service. We have been helping various individuals including professionals, business owners, and heads of families in Sydney and all other locations in Australia. Feel confident in making decisions crucial to growing economic value and ensuring stability.

Dedicated to Serving You

We are a privately owned boutique, family office-style financial planning firm. Expect us to devote our full attention to you. We are locally owned licensee and not selling any financial products, we professionally operate a fee-for-service business. We are able to select very wide range financial products and strategies without being influenced by a product issuer.

Explore More Options

Having such resourceful advisers around, you need not deal with conflicts of interest. Instead, you get access to a full suite of investment opportunities, value-added recommendations, and solutions ideal for your needs. We will add more value to your situation than you are going to pay for adviser fee or we will not waste your money and time.

Results-Oriented Strategies

Identify wealth creation and preservation goals that are doable and achievable with help from the pros. We formulate strategies that work based on knowledge-based insights and our rich experiences.

From Planning to Roll-Out

Once you have authorised us to implement the plan we have created for you, you get all the support necessary to ensure the success of whatever we roll out. We will make it easy for you. Receive assistance likewise when liaising with third parties, accountants, and lawyers. Rely on us to do the accompanying legwork.

Our typical clients who we can add values

Our customers generally range from 35 to 65 years old. They are dad and mums, professionals and business owners. They are people willing to pay for quality advice to improve their financial circumstances or resolve their existing financial issues. Read more in our “Services” section.

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